Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Thinking about life, death, art and

... TIME, obviously. Note the central position of the wrist-watch. Not to forget SPACE. (I'm in my workspace, as a matter of fact). 

Recently I have offered my hand-drawn pictures as gifts to friends at various occasions. (Nicely framed too.) It has taken some effort to overcome the feeling of embarrassment associated with this act. I am not an apt drawer. I'm a doodler. So how can I be so shameless as to push my doodles on to people like this? I have no real answer. Shamelessness and narcissism, has it come to this with me too? For the time being, I see it as playing. I'm playing when I'm drawing, playing like a child plays, almost mindless, without a definite aim or ambition, but totally immersed in the act and totally serious. It is as simple and difficult as that. So even though my drawn gifts are not accomplished, not skillfully executed, more based on intuition than on concept, I suppose I must feel they are good enough to be given away. I am shameless, in deed.   

This is serious business....