Saturday, 20 February 2010

Kunstformen der Natur

From the top: ernst haeckl,chris hipkiss , kiki smith , sam messenger , ernst haeckl.

Kunstformen der natur refers to Ernst Haeckl, German scientist (1834 - 1919), and his fantastic illustrations of animals and sea creatures.

(next post will be on knitting, promise..)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

other people's art

In my iPhoto I have stored a considerable amount of photos of other people's art. It can be anything I come across, that tickles my interest, some are pieces made of famous artists, some quite unknown (at least to me). They all have someting that I find interesting and inspiring. I thought maybe I should start sharing them with you. I will try to remember to give up the sources from where I found them, but - I don't always remember.

These are drawings by a woman called Pearl Blauvelt (found via Mieke Willems blog), who lived in New York and who left behind 800 drawings, found after her death. She was self-taught, unskilled artist, she drew things she saw in magazines, in shops and in her immediate surroundings. When the building she had lived in was to be renovated, her drawings were found in an old wooden box. Some of them are now part of MOMAs collection in New York. Quite fascinating. See Raw vision for more.