Saturday, 24 October 2009


afternoon light

Playing with Lightroom (Photoshop "light"), black and white. I have a free-trial, and really like it. But it's expensive..

A few words on the reasons for this migration: There are several good things about wordpress; an advanced dashboard (!), easy to get your own domain, you can add pages (which you can't in blogger).. but I just cannot seem to get it to look the way I want. And looks are important, I admit to that. I wanted bigger photos, a customized header, nicer fonts, in short: a cleaner look. But going from wordpress to Blogger is much more difficult than the other way around. I ended up using somebody's homemade recipe. The result was not excellent, it took ages to upload the blog ( I think my clandestine import/ export business is to blame for  this) there must be too much information in the homemade stew.. So I had to delete most of my earlier posts. Well, well - I'm not so sentimental about that (only a bit annoyed because I have lost a few comments to my posts along the way).  I will keep my wordpress blog for a while anyway.

So, I hope you like my new look, and keep stopping by!


torirot said...

Skal nok følge etter om du er her eller der :-)

Pinneguri said...
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Pinneguri said...

Lei meg for at jeg posta feil post til feil person, unnskyld tusen millioner ganger!
Men leg likte fotografiet ditt!